Photographic Art for Your Business Cards

People are used to experiencing stunning art and photography on a large, expansive canvas, but what they’re not used to seeing is the same stunning art and photography, but on a smaller, personal scale; perhaps on a ‘canvas’ the size of a standard business card.

This is all set to change with premium business cards becoming more and more common as individuals are looking into ways to make their cards (and therefore, their business proposition) stand out among the hundreds of other cards their clients may be receiving each and every month. Now, similar to canvas prints, when you order business cards online you can choose stunning art prints to form one (or both) sides of your card, helping to add a unique, beautiful twist to your contact details while ensuring these details themselves remain clearly visible.

Scaled-Down Scenery

Whether you choose for your cards to display a beautiful scenic view, one of your favourite paintings, or a bustling city scene, these images can be perfectly scaled down to be placed onto your cards, regardless of the quality of the card they’re to be printed onto. Even cheap business cards look great when these images are places upon them, though needless to say the better quality of card (much like the better quality of canvas) you’re working with, the better these images will ‘pop’ on the reverse of your cards.

Similar to ordering your large photographic art canvas prints, the great thing about ordering these on the internet is you have an array of images open to you that you can instantly drag and drop into place when using an online editor. It should be noted that when piecing together business cards online, similar to when you choose an image for a canvas print, you must only use non-copyrighted images, an array of which can be found online.

If you can’t find any photographs you like using this method, you may also insert images that you:

  • Purchase online: Many companies offering large canvas images also have the rights to these images, and will therefore be very happy to sell these to you on a per-use basis if you want to have it printed up on the back of your new cards, for example.
  • Take yourself: From the second you click the shutter on your camera, the image you have captured is yours, and yours alone. Though you’ll have to assert copyright on it if you place it online, to simply have this image inserted onto the back of your business card is a simple procedure in which you won’t have to pay a penny for, in image fees, as you already own it.

In conclusion, if you’ve never considered placing beautiful, canvas-style images onto the back of your business cards you should certainly think about it sometime soon, as they can really help your card stand out from the sea of other options your clients are handed every day.