The Power of the Image and how it Works in Advertising

The human brain, according to scientists, reportedly processes images at a rate of 60,000 times that which it processes text, i.e. words. If that really is true, why is it that so many businesses fail to use high resolution images for advertising materials like cheap banner printing?

To be honest, many advertising experts are still not sure as to why this is the case. However, now that you know just how effective the use of images can be in advertising and marketing, when do you plan to start using them to better promote your business and your products and services? Don’t wait too long, chances are you are already missing out on some excellent opportunities!

Images, advertising and marketing - More than what’s on the web

It’s true that most advertising agencies working on behalf of businesses and companies around the world are focusing their attentions on the internet, and therefore digital advertising.

However, the days of printed advertising, with the exception of newspapers and to a lesser extent magazines, are far from numbered and there are many physical platforms that can be utilised to create greater exposure, like banner and flag printing for instance, two physical platforms that offer outstanding opportunities for using images to attract and hold the attention of consumers.

Another visual medium of advertising that has in recent years really taken the internet by storm is video. Using video advertising for any business is crucial in this day and age. Visit and check the packages available to help your business advertising needs today.

There really is more to the use of high quality images and advertising than internet advertising alone, something that may have occurred to you whilst walking down the road, catching the bus, or going shopping. Chances are you’ve come across a banner, a flag or a poster that has really caught your eye, so why not do the same with your own advertising materials by sourcing captivating digital images and have them printed onto high quality banners, flags or posters?

PVC banners are an excellent choice for outdoor advertising, in addition to indoor advertising, as they are durable, hold their shape well, and can be printed with high resolution images, whilst flags and posters can be used for advertising in indoor environments. Also, outdoor signs such as billboard advertising is another great option.

Are we seeing the end of text-based advertising? Companies like brandsten media promotional videos melbourne have been adapting to this change by providing online media solutions.

That’s a question that many advertising experts, and quite a number of business owners, are asking themselves. Whilst it can’t be denied that image-based advertising does offer an exponentially greater number of better outcomes for most stakeholders, it also can’t be denied that there is, and will likely always, be a place for text-based advertising.

This includes the use of text-based messages on banners, flags and posters, the same physical advertising materials that the use of images has been found to work so well with. Text-based messages don’t always have to be clever or snappy either, as a simple ‘SALE!’ above a shop window or in front of a store in big bold print still works wonders.

Additionally, cheap banner printing is affordable, materials of a good quality can be used time and time again when properly stored, and business owners stand to receive great returns on investment. What more could you possibly want from an advertising material?