What to Give to Someone Creative

What do you buy for people who can make almost anything for themselves? Well, the truth is that you have a myriad of options. And some of the best presents will appeal to their imagination, or make their job a bit more comfortable or fun. Here, we have compiled a few ideas regardless of whether you’re looking for birthday or Christmas gifts.


Artists can never have enough places to doodle, sketch, or even jot down poetry. You should be able to buy notebooks from any office or school supply store. You may even order one online. But if you want something of more sentimental value, you can try to make your own. There are plenty of articles and videos that can guide you.

DIY Kits

This is the perfect option when you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving. Apart from putting one together yourself, you can also sign your friend up for a monthly subscription that allows them to receive a box full of supplies for home, food, and fashion projects every month. Who won’t love to come home to a surprise every month, yeah?

If the person your thinking about buying a gift for is very crafty and has access to a factory space, a chemical blacking kit will get their creativity flowing to create unique projects that will look out of this world. This is certainly a gift idea that will surprise anyone!

Home Décor

Inspiration can be hard to come by for many creative souls, but it doesn't need to be. After all, often all you need to make a party for your friend a success is some great party decorations, like Parties in Packages table party decorations which are available in a great range of styles. Often, they need a push in the right direction so that they can create masterpieces. Trinkets and baubles can be items that give them much needed ideas. A fridge magnet featuring the Tower Bridge in London can spark their passion to sketch architectural marvels, for instance. Browse through our other photo gifts to learn more.


These are wonderful resources for artistic individuals of all kinds. Writers can hone their skills by studying the works of literary geniuses such as Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, and Geoffrey Chaucer. Fashion designers can jumpstart their careers with the teachings of industry bigwigs like Coco Chanel, Donna Karan, and Giorgio Armani.


For sure, your friend already owns a wonderful array of supplies for projects. What you can do is help him stay organised with pouches and boxes to hold his stuff. You can purchase a plain case which he can embellish on his own, or you can buy something that’s aesthetically pleasing on its own. You may even go for nesting boxes so your pal would have plenty of storage space at his disposal.

Fashion accessories

Some people don’t just display their works in art galleries or on the web; they also showcase their creativity through their personal style. They wear clothes that exhibit their taste and preferences too. So, you should give them items that will accent their looks. Even if you grab them a simple scarf, necklace, beanie, or headband, they are sure to be able to work with it.

Whether you’re out searching for Christmas gifts or just random presents like vinyl mastering, you are sure to find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options. Turn to the ideas above so you will stay sane throughout your gift-giving experience.