Unique ways to promote a brand

When it comes to boosting brand awareness, this is something that all businesses need to do all the time and there are a number of different channels that can be used to help your brand to become more widely recognised. Some of the modern ways to boost brand awareness is to use social media and email marketing campaigns, and when you try to promote a brand; it is vital to ensure that your company is portrayed in the best possible light.


For Example: If you need to redecorate your offices then do this before you begin your branding campaign, so that everything is in place and you are ready to hit the ground running when you successfully garner more recognition.


Create a Film


Another effective way to boost brand awareness is to create a film based on your business. You can find professional companies specialising in film production in the UAE , the UK, the US or wherever you are in the world by looking online and it is vital to get expert help when producing a film to ensure that you get a professional looking end product.


Here are some of the services that are commonly offered by a professional film production company:


Ø  Pre-production

Ø  Creative ideas

Ø  Production

Ø  Post-production

Ø  Filming on location

Ø  Distribution


Getting expert help to come up with good ideas, executing these ideas to create a film and then distributing it to the relevant audiences is vital and attempting to do this without any expert input will likely be a waste of valuable time.


Prepare your Workspace


If the idea behind making your film is to increase your brand awareness, then make sure that your company is prepared for the additional work that could come your way.


This includes doing the following:


·         Re-decorating your office space so that it looks professional and is clutter-free

·         Invest in some professionally-done prints to go up on the walls

·         If more people will be visiting your workplace, ensure that it is able to handle an increase in site visitors by adding extra seating


While many business owners will think about what they need to do in order to handle an increase in orders such as creating a business plan, not everyone will remember to ensure that the workplace looks the part and this should always be done before organising any filming. Professional film production in the UAE or anywhere else in the world can be organised to take place in your workspace to allow your audience to really connect to your brand.


Put up Large Prints


A simple and affordable yet highly effective way to decorate a workspace is to add large prints onto the walls, such as the following:


Ø  Beautiful landscapes

Ø  Skylines of big cities, such as London or New York

Ø  Local landmarks, such as the London Eye or the Angel of the North


It is a good idea to choose prints that represent the area that your business is based in to show new clients where your roots are and this is something that should always come across when making a film for promotional purposes.