How Artworks Can Add Glamour and Beauty into Your Home

One of the best things to beautify the home is through various works of art. They put a point of interest into an otherwise dull room and make it more relaxing and homey. From paintings to canvas prints, art pieces can transform a simple home into an artist's gallery. As each item becomes a conversation piece, you will find it enjoyable inviting friends over for a party or even just a simple sight-seeing. Indeed, if you want your home to be a place of class and elegance, learn how to arrange art pieces like a pro.

The basics

Make sure that your art pieces, whether they are paintings or photo canvas prints, are hung at eye level. Most people make the mistake of hanging them too low or too high. If you are placing them in an area where people are usually seated, artworks must be lowered.

Mind your scale

Pair your furniture pieces in consideration of the size of your artwork. However, homeowners should be mindful of their scale. A furnishing that is large then paired with small art pieces will seem off and distracting. The rule of thumb is that a painting must be at least two-thirds the size of a furniture piece. To illustrate, a 12-foot-long sofa should have a 9-foot-long canvas photo print hanging above it.

Create balance

It is okay to hang multiple pieces in different sizes. But be careful to create a visual balance. Keep heavy pieces at the bottom and left. If you have big pieces of canvas prints, put them in the middle. This creates equilibrium since the eyes usually travel from left to right and putting the heaviest piece at the centre balances the spaces.

Mix and match

If you have blank walls, do a gallery arrangement. Give it a more interesting approach by including other pieces such as vase and plates. Put the most prominent piece (a large artwork or a Chinese plate) at eye level in the centre and work your way outward. When using various frames, spread them to allow a breathing room for each piece. Discover more ways to mix and match through this link.

Make your home or any other space a place inspired by the arts. Speaking of which, discover more at pieces that may be perfect for your office and home here at Images On.