How to Cost Effectively Brighten Up your Office

No matter how well your office is designed and put together, it will eventually become a little jaded, and with the high costs of refurbishment, business owners are looking for a cost effective way to boost the working environment. If one is prepared to spend a little time thinking about what one actually wants to achieve with the upgrade, it is possible to effect striking changes on a shoestring budget, and with that in mind, here are just a few ways you can add some life to a tired looking office.

Wall Art - If you have large expanses of wall, then some well-chosen wall murals will inject some colour and depth, and for less than $150, you could have 3 or maybe 4 murals placed in the right locations. The right lighting accentuates the effect, and with LED solutions, you can easily set up a low spotlight that brings the artwork to life.


Air Purification – This might not give you any visual improvements, but it will make the air quality so much better, and that will affect all of your employees. Of course, the office would be a no smoking zone, and employees should be encouraged to quit. There are affordable suppliers of e cigarettes in Sydney, and by vaping instead of smoking, the office interior would be so much fresher.


Pot Plants – Artificial exotic plants can transform an office, and there are online companies who will lease you the right items, and with no watering or cleaning, there is no extra work for the cleaner to do. If you outsource this, the supplier would change the look now and then, maintaining a high level of interest, and the cost is next to nothing.


Lighting – This is often overlooked with an office environment, and you need the right balance between task and general lighting, but with LED solutions anything is achievable. Investing in some new workstation lamps will certainly pay dividends, as would soft lighting in the reception area.


Interior Decoration – One doesn’t have to go the whole hog, with perhaps one or two walls targeted for a repaint, and with a change of colour, your new office will be a place your employees enjoy. If you are looking for a local painter, a Google search would find anything from e cigarettes in Sydney to a handyman in Melbourne, and by using a local decorator, you should receive a reasonable quote.


If you can afford to replace some of the furniture, it will help, and by digitalising all your documents, you can get rid of those bulky filing cabinets, which tale up so much room. All of the above will brighten up any workspace, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive project, if you are a little creative.